About us

Darryl Exum

Exum Law Offices has over 25 years of defending people in court. Whether you are innocent of the crime you have been charged with, guilty, or somewhere between, we will fight to ensure your rights are protected and that you have an experienced and compassionate legal counsel. Named after Darryl Exum, we have been defending people against allegations of sex crimes, murder, and all manner of state and federal crimes. He is prepared to do everything he can to predict the prosecution’s next moves to protect your rights and defend you in the courtroom or innegotiations.

Board-Certified Criminal Defense Specialist

Darryl Exum has practiced law for nearly 30 years in the Riverside area. He is known as one of the best defense lawyers in the area and received the Lawyer of the Year award from the Richard T. Fields Bar Association in 2015. His standing in the community has only grown as he continues to lecture and teach criminal defense law in the area.

Experience Is the Difference

Exum Law Offices is devoted to representing criminal law on the state and federal levels. Our experience in the field makes us experts in defending your rights and ensuring that you get pardoned or receive a lesser sentence. Criminal allegations are serious and should be treated with extreme caution to prevent the prosecution from walking all over you. Darryl Exum has defended clients in 150 trials with favorable results in his almost 30-year law career. Whether you are being charged by the state or federal government, Mr. Exum can protect your rights. Our offices work with a spectrum of criminal charges, including:
Federal court experience is necessary if you face federal charges. State and federal courts are two completely different beasts with separate rules. Mr. Exum has experience in both courts and knows the difference between them thoroughly. We Strive to Put This Experience Behind You

It is our goal in defending you to give you the best chance at walking away from this experience. Although we can’t guarantee such a thing, our experience makes us confident of achieving favorable results in any case.