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Exum Law Offices is the first and last line of defense for people facing serious criminal charges.

A Criminal Allegation Will Not Just Go Away

The United States legal system is built on the ideology that anyone charged with a crime is innocent of that crime until proven guilty.

Sadly, the system is often far from this ideal. Once someone is arrested and charged with a crime, guilt becomes a quiet assumption. However, the right legal team can ensure your rights are protected and that the assumption of innocence is apparent each step of the way.

If you are up against the criminal justice system, you need experienced and skilled legal help. The prosecution will do everything in its power to defame you to maximize your sentence if you let them. Darryl Exum is the criminal defense attorney you need to represent you in court.

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Criminal Defense

When a person is accused of a crime, every stage of the process is critical. The arrest and police interrogation.

Federal Crimes

The stakes are higher in federal court. The potential penalties are greater and the federal government has substantial resources.

Sex Crimes

Few criminal allegations are judged as harshly as sex offenses. Police, prosecutors and judges come down hard on sex offenders.

What Darryl Exum Brings
To The Table

For over 25 years, Mr. Exum has stood strong against prosecutors, defending the rights of the accused with vigor.

He is well-known throughout the San Bernardino area for working closely with individuals and listening to his clients’ needs, clearly communicating what clients should expect from the legal system and their rights, advocating strongly for clients in challenging situations and being a genuinely committed attorney.
Mr. Exum will protect your rights. His experience in complex cases involving murder, sex crimes and other felony charges means he knows the legal system intimately and can anticipate the prosecution’s next steps. Take steps to protect yourself today.

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Every moment that the prosecution has to work unchallenged is a moment your defense loses momentum. Do not wait. If you or a loved one faces allegations, call our office at 951-376-5556 or email us as soon as

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